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Ohio Valley


Welcome to the Ohio Valley Chapter of the EIA

The Ohio Valley Chapter of the EIA's focus is the building environment (as distinct from the natural environment), and includes all facilities (educational, commercial, industrial, and residential), whether privately or publicly owned. The Ohio Valley Chapter is interested in problems within buildings arising from pollutants in and immediately around those buildings, especially pollutants associated with building materials, utilities, the building site, or occupant activities.


To build a chapter of a professional association that cares about the many issues affecting the building environment industry, to have a voice in making sure the industry will not be adversely affected by changes that will affect our future as practicing building environment professionals. Implement membership recruitment and provide technical assistance to members to develop and maintain EIA resources. Promote the concept of exchange of information about the building environment industry. Provide representation with government departments and agencies; professional groups; allied statewide groups; and media to further the goals of the association. Organize annual education conference, regional meetings, and implement other educational programs.


The membership of the Ohio Valley Chapter is comprised of professionals from a wide range of industries like: building managers, consultants, contractors, government agencies, schools and universities. We strive to provide information applicable to all parts of our membership.


Membership with EIA provides automatic inclusion in the chapter. Simply select the Ohio Valley Chapter on the Membership Application.

Benefits of joining the EIA & the Ohio Valley Chapter

EIA Publications and News alerts keep you abreast of ALL that is happening in our industry, including the information you need to keep your business and your clients in compliance.

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